On the Job Marketing Training

On the Job marketing training within the scope of pharma marketing aims at marketing qualification improvement during everyday work. The training prepared by the Pharmaceutical Marketing Academy puts greatest emphasis on the analytical part being the basis in the process of marketing plan devising. During the training, the Product/Brand Manager works together with the Coach on all the kay elements of devising a marketing plan, acquiring skills of comprehensive outlook at his/her own product in the perspective of further development.

A detailed On the Job marketing training agenda precisely meets individual needs of a Product/Brand Manager determined during introductory meetings with the Product/Brand Manager or his/her superior.

Sample On the Job marketing training  schedule:

  • Analysis of the situation (half a day)

    • F2F meeting with the immediate superior of the Brand Manager, learning about his/her expectations towards his/her subordinate, furthest challenges, business macro-situation of the product/products managed by the Brand Manager
    • F2F meeting with the Brand Manager, getting to know each other, establishing cooperation principles, discussing market situation of the product/products, getting to know the level of advancement in pharma marketing knowledge
    • Preparing a short report based on the meeting, which is a basic state for starting work
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  • Preparation

    • Coach’s preparation for conducting a training, which aims at adapting training content to particular needs of the Brand Manager and detailed familiarization with received business materials
    • Brand Manager’s preparation for the arranged training, which aims at familiarization of shot materials provided by the Coach
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  • Training (2-3 days)

    Presenting a theory of pharma marketing and its implementation based on received information in preparation of a particular marketing plan. The training takes the form of a workshop, during which the Brand Manager under the supervision of the Coach goes through key stages of marketing plan devising. The work results in preparing ready materials which may be used for drawing up a final plan or necessary elements which are the basis of further work and their development. Elements discussed during the workshop are as follows:

    • Market Analysis
    • Customer Portrait
    • Patient Flow
    • Buying Process
    • SWOT
    • Benefits Ladder
    • Key Drivers& Barriers
    • Market Map
    • Objectives & Strategy
    • Behavioral Objectives
    • Critical Activities
    • KPIs
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  • Follow up (3 months)

    Individual monthly or fortnightly meetings with the Brand Manager which are continuation of the training and allow for verification and help in the further process of devising a marketing plan and/or conducting planned activities.
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On the Job marketing training is the most effective tool of acquiring practical knowledge for further use.

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