Marketing training – The Marketing Academy

The Marketing Academy is a medical training run in the form of interactive workshops, which aim at shared development of marketing competences.

The Academy covers 3-stage training program in the following fields:

  • Pharma marketing bases:

    • Basic terms and concepts of pharma marketing
    • Marketing strategies on the pharmaceutical market
    • 4C
    • Marketing and Sales – perfect cooperation principles
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  • Market analysis

    • Product analysis
    • Competition analysis
    • Market needs
    • SWOT
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  • Market and customers

    • Customers’ portraits
    • Competition and product offer
    • “Key Players” identification
    • Market identification
    • Market barriers and drivers
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  • Perfect Brand Plan

    • A structure of perfect marketing plan
    • Identification of strategic goals
    • Workshop – devising a plan for a particular brand
    • Marketing programs
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A training includes 3 one-day meetings appropriately arranged, so that participants have time to practice newly acquired competences in practice and then share them during the next meeting.

Each participant of the Academy receives a certificate of training completion and an individual discount for the further trainings in the field of marketing.

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