Training in Pharmaceutical Marketing

Pharmamarketing is a specific kind of marketing within which pharmaceutical companies operate not only in Poland, but also in all the countries where market functioning principles are similar and where strict rules concerning these principles are established (e.g. Pharmaceutical Law, Code of Good Manufacturing Practice).

A modern form of pharmaceutical marketing which, in its structure, is an equivalent of 4.0 marketing is called “Pharma Marketing”. It combines the principles of classical marketing with modern digital marketing (e-Marketing).

A basic principle of Pharma Marketing is the so-called management of appropriate medical content, namely the message which should be properly communicated, then easily assimilated, and eventually accepted by a target recipient.

The aim of the message is to help recipients, potential clients, to take right decisions concerning health. The message recipients may not only be patients (present and future), their caregivers and doctors, but also decision-makers (Health Service managers, people who have influence on legal aspects, etc.). Training in Pharmaceutical Marketing organized by the Academy are to help novice managers acquire and broaden knowledge in accordance with Pharma Marketing principles.



Training program intended for novice Brand Managers



Training intended for novice and intermediate Brand Managers

Proces szkoleniowy dla zaawansowanych Brand Managerów


Training process intended for advanced Brand Managers



Assessing the candidate for the position of Brand Manager

  • Knowledge gives humility to a great man, makes an average man wonder and makes a small one snooty.

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  • Science is like an immeasurable sea. The more you drink, the thirstier you are.

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  • High in the mountains, one often asks questions and rarely can answer them.

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  • The one who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. Those who walk alone are likely to find themselves in places no one has ever been before.

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Training program intended for novice Brand Managers

The Marketing Academy is a training program intended for novice Brand Managers, whose common objective is development of pharmaceutical marketing competences and marketing language sharing within an organization. The Marketing Academy is run in a form of interactive workshops.

The concepts presented during the workshops will be the basis of experience exchange and creating market benchmarks. This format will guarantee a high level of engagements of participants and develop a model of “high class of a marketing team” consisting of employees who understand one another very well.


Training intended for novice and intermediate Brand Managers

On the Job trainings within the scope of pharmaceutical marketing are aimed at broadening qualifications of both novice and advanced Product/Brand Managers during their everyday work. On the Job trainings take advantage of everyday challenges and problems connected with designing and following marketing strategies resulting from particular marketing plans.

On the Job training puts the greatest emphasis on the analytical part, which is the basis of the process of devising each marketing plan and gives Product/Brand Managers possibility to acquire full knowledge of their product and its environment, making them self-confident in making further decisions connected with mix marketing planning.

The final result of the training is preparing a Product/Brand Manager for independent work on drawing up an actual marketing plan. Working under the supervision of a Coach, a Product/Brand Manager acquires skills of comprehensive outlook at the product not only from the perspective of everyday challenges, but, most of all, from the perspective of his/her own further development.


Training process intended for advanced Brand Managers

Coaching is the process of developing Product/Brand Managers in the context of their current work. The aim of the process is to better utilize the potential and to increase the managerial competence in the current enviroment. As a part of the coaching process, Product/Brand Manager receives support in carrying out ongoing tasks, especially those that go beyond its current competencies.

The aim of the coaching process is to support the marketing managers in achieving their goals through parallel support in successive employees development. The role of a Coach is to support the Product/Brand Manager in projects that require a lot of knowledge and involvement (eg the preparation of marketing plans).


The process of assessing the candidate for the position of Brand Manager

The process of evaluating the candidate for the position of Product / Brand Manager that allows to gain basic knowledge about the currently held competences and knowledge in the field of pharmaceutical marketing of the person applying for this position. The evaluation process may refer to both, the person already working as a Product / Brand Manager, as well as person applying to any position in the marketing department (medical representative, marketing coordinator / assistant, etc.).

The process is conducted in the form of a one-day meeting, which consists of a one2one conversation with the candidate and his independent work on the prepared business case, ending with the presentation and discussion with the Assessor. The detailed course of the meeting is adapted to the type of function currently performed by the potential candidate and the position applied. The entire process ends with a prepared report on the candidate’s strengths and areas for development, and recommendations for further development.

  • All our science, measured against reality, is primitive and childlike – and yet it is the most precious thing we have.

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  • Knowing is not enough. We must apply it.

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  • When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know . But if you listen, you may learn something new.

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Bartosz Malczewski
Bartosz Malczewski

Undoubtedly, pharmaceutical marketing is my passion, but also a way of life, since for 17 years I had a chance to create and follow marketing strategies in such companies as Merck Sharp & Dohme, Novartis or Abbott. Thanks to such experience, today I give professional advice within the field of marketing strategies and different promotion forms to numerous pharmaceutical companies in Poland and in the world. I can also pass my knowledge to my listeners during trainings organized by the Pharmaceutical Marketing Academy.

I am a pharmacist by education, I graduated from the Medical Academy in Warsaw with a Master’s degree in Pharmacy. I also did MBA studies with specialisation in Managements and Medical Technology Economy at Leon Koźmiński Academy in Warsaw.

I started my career as a Product Manager, managing a range of innovative and mature products, then I went on to be a Marketing Manager, being responsible for product group strategies. The next stage of my career was a position of a Sales Manager responsible for implementation of marketing strategies by a team of specialists promoting both drugs on the open market and specialist drugs and a position of Sales and Marketing Director, performing a function of a Board Member responsible for a full financial result of a sales and marketing team on the open market and then on the specialist market of biological drugs.

One of my greatest professional challenges has been the process of integration of commercial teams of Abbott Laboratories and Solvay Pharmaceuticals for which I have been responsible. For all these years, I have been also responsible for trainings. These have been product and marketing trainings for Medical Representatives as well as pure marketing trainings for Brand Managers. Recently, I have been dealing with issues connected with adaptation of marketing forms to the new Internet environment, that is a process of Pharma Marketing.


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